A cover story written a decade ago by New Republic Magazine labeled Dr. K.A. Paul “The World’s Most Popular Evangelist.”  For decades he’s used his unprecedented bully pulpit, crowds often numbering in the hundreds of thousands at his peace rallies, to communicate a single clarion message to the world: “Lasting peace will come only through the Prince of Peace.”  

It’s perhaps not coincidental that such a clear-spoken peacemaker would again emerge out of the land of Gandhi at this troubled moment in world history.

Given his wide-ranging work throughout the Middle East with his Global Peace Initiative, K.A. Paul is uniquely qualified to speak to the growing Iranian crisis of nuclear proportion under its current hardline leadership.  He’s studied the crisis from every possible perspective and is the only non-government operative to have been officially received throughout the region as a Guest of State in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Sudan.  Each nation aware that, among other successful peace negotiations, it was Dr. Paul who successfully deposed embattled Charles Taylor from Liberia bringing about an impossible peace between warring, winner-take-all rebel groups L.U.R.D., Model and Taylor loyalists, leading to a decade of peace in that recently war-torn nation.  

Ironically, Dr. Paul was invited as Guest of State by Iran itself at two different red carpet receptions, the latest as recently as 2014.  However after his last visit, the peacemaker came away shaking the dust off his shoes, lamenting “Of all the nations I’ve counseled, Iran is the only one that remains stiff-necked and fully committed to evil, genocidal pursuits, seemingly unwilling or unable to change.”  

As Iran continues to co-opt and usurp nation after nation using not so cleverly disguised state sponsored terror proxies, such as Shia Houthis to destabilize Yemen (as they’re now hoping to do in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere), Paul’s lamenting has been sadly validated – in bloodshed and gobbled up territories.

He recently warned American negotiators, “Attempting to negotiate in good faith with the world’s largest state sponsor of terror while still under its radical regime – when their stated goal is to wipe Israel off the map is a dangerous fantasy to indulge.”  Paul continues, “Frankly speaking, none of this makes any sense whatsoever to me or to many of America’s long-time allies who are one by one abandoning the fantasy of a peace agreement in the dangerous high-stakes games the negotiators are playing with other people’s lives and fortunes throughout the region.” he added.

Dr. Paul and his growing coalition of world powers now agree, “that to save Israel is to save the Middle East.”  Otherwise, Paul insists, “Nobody in the Middle East, America or the rest of the civilized world should ever sleep well again if this hopelessly, ideologically driven regime acquires nuclear capabilities.  

What can I do?

  • Pray for peace and work for peace.  “Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be called children of God.”
  • Give time and money to proven-effective global peace organizations
  • Become informed
  • Refuse to accept the world “the way it is”
  • Love your neighbor as yourself

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