The results have been phenomenal.

Through GPI, hundreds of thousands of families—many of limited mean themselves—have committed to adopt street children: and tens of thousands of these children already have been placed in their new homes.

The “Little Teresas” movement has inspired hundreds of thousands of impoverish women to adopt the mission of Mother Teresa to serve the hurting and needy in their communities. More than 52,000 of the se women now receive material support from GPI.

When thousands of children were suddenly orphaned or left homeless in 1999 after a catastrophic typhoon in Orissa, India, GPIO quickly set up a tent city survival center where the children were provided food, clothing, shelter, comfort, and love until they could be placed in new homes and families.

Today, GPI maintains schools, children’s home, medical care facilities, and rescue centers throughout many of the world’s most needy regions.

The mission and work of Dr. Paul and Global Peace Initiative is a testimony to the power to the human spirit when it accepts the challenge to confront evil with good; hate with love: and suffering with compassionate service. By promoting love and service to others, GPI has created an unprecedented groundswell of personal involvement by millions, leaving a legacy of peace and security in its wake.